About us

Elong Garment Accessories Co. Ltd is a manufacturer that has been working for the garment industry since 2006. Relying on the steady development of our founder, we have gradually established and developed several production sites over the years. One workshop has TPU extrusion lines and produces clear elastic, clear bra strap, and clear label. The other workshop has rubber vulcanization lines and produces rubber elastic, swimming elastic, protective clothes' elastic, rubber elastic bands, and rubber sheets. They have further expanded their products to include plastic boning and corset boning.


Elong Garment Accessories Co. Ltd has a complete quality control system and certifications such as Oeko Test and GRS. They also have advanced production and test equipment, such as Tensile tester, aging tester, UV aging tester, salt spray tester, constant temperature and humidity tester, etc., can include a variety of different application scenarios of rubber products testing needs



Elong places great value in long-term relationships based on partnership. They believe that customer satisfaction is their top priority and that their customers' specifications and applications determine their processes and actions.


Elong is committed to providing support to all of their customers in delivery, service, sourcing, and more. They have a flexible policy in payment, packing, and delivery service.


Elong values its employees' abilities in the garment industry and believes that they are an essential part of the company's success. Elong aims to become a leading manufacturer in the garment industry. They plan to expand their product lines and improve their production efficiency in the next 5 years.


One of Elong 's advantages is that they combine the source of trims to help customers provide trim solutions on garments. Elong warmly welcome you come to visit our workshops to build up more healthy business relationships.




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E-mail: info@elongelastic.com


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